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Inhibits host translation by interacting with binds to the host 40S subunit in ribosomal complexes, including the 43S pre-initiation complex and the non-translating 80S ribosome. The C-terminus binds to and obstructs ribosomal mRNA entry tunnel. Thereby inhibits antiviral response triggered by innate immunity or interferons. The nsp1-40S ribosome complex further induces an endonucleolytic cleavage near the 5'UTR of host mRNAs, targeting them for degradation (By similarity). Viral mRNAs less susceptible to nsp1-mediated inhibition of translation, because of their 5'-end leader sequence. By suppressing host gene expression, nsp1 facilitates efficient viral gene expression in infected cells and evasion from host immune response (By similarity). [Uniprot]


40s ribosomal subunit binding site

Receptor: QHD43415_1

Pocket Residues:

Chain A: M1 E2 G7 N9 V35 F70 K72 R73 S74 D75 A76 R77 T78 V84 M85 E87 V89 A90 E91 I95 Q96 Y97 R99 S100 G101 E102 L145 Y154 E155 D156 F157 N162 T163 K164 H165 S166 S167 G168 V169 L173 M174 R175 E176 L177 N178

Predicted binding site 1

Receptor: 7K7P

Pocket Residues:

Chain B: E1 K2 T3 H4 V5 L7 S8 L9 F22 E27 L30 S31 E32 R34 Q35 H36 L37 K38 D39 G40 C42 I62 E78 L79 Y88 V112 L114 R115 K116 N117

Predicted binding site 2

Receptor: 7K7P

Pocket Residues:

Chain B: T3 H4 Q6 L7 L9 L37 I62 R64 S65 D66 A67 R68 T69 A70 P71 H72 G73 H74 V75 M76 V77 E78 G92 E93 T94 L95 R110 K111 V112 L113 L114 R115 K116