Tracking the relevant researches of CADD drug development against COVID-19


Responsible for replication and transcription of the viral RNA genome. [Uniprot]


Catalytic pocket

Receptor: 7bv2-A

Pocket Residues:

Chain A: K438 H439 D452 Y455 F480 K500 K545 A547 I548 S549 A550 K551 R553 A554 R555 T556 V557 I579 V587 V588 I589 G590 T591 K593 W598 M601 L602 G616 W617 D618 Y619 P620 K621 C622 D623 R624 M626 T680 S682 T687 A688 Y689 N691 S692 F694 M756 L758 S759 D760 D761 A762 N790 V792 M794 E796 A797 K798 C799 W800 P809 H810 E811 F812 C813 S814 Q815 H816 T817 P830 P832 D833 R836 I837 A840 S861 L862 D865 Y925