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High affinity receptor for activated thrombin coupled to G proteins that stimulate phosphoinositide hydrolysis. May play a role in platelets activation and in vascular development. [Uniprot]


Active site

Receptor: 3VW7

Pocket Residues:

Chain A: Y95 Y109 L150 F151 V154 K158 Y161 Y162 S172 C175 R176 F177 V178 T179 A180 A181 F182 Y183 C184 N185 M186 Y187 I190 L229 A232 G233 V234 P236 L237 L239 K240 E241 Q242 C254 H255 D256 V257 L258 E260 T261 L262 L263 E264 F271 S272 F274 S275 F278 F279 F280 I324 C325 P328 T329 N330 V331 L332 L333 I334 H336 Y337 S341 S344 A349 Y350 Y353 L354 C356 V357 V359 S360 S361