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Cleaves the C-terminus of replicase polyprotein at 11 sites. Recognizes substrates containing the core sequence [ILMVF]-Q-|-[SGACN] . Also able to bind an ADP-ribose-1''-phosphate (ADRP) (By similarity). [Uniprot]


Catalytic pocket

Receptor: 6LU7

Pocket Residues:

Chain A: C22 G23 T24 T25 T26 L27 R40 H41 V42 I43 C44 T45 S46 E47 D48 M49 L50 P52 Y54 K61 Y118 N119 K137 F140 L141 N142 G143 S144 C145 H163 H164 M165 E166 L167 P168 T169 G170 V171 H172 F181 V186 D187 R188 Q189 T190 A191 Q192 A193 A194