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Catalyzes the conversion of dihydroorotate to orotate with quinone as electron acceptor. [Uniprot]


Catalytic pocket

Receptor: 7K2U

Pocket Residues:

Chain A: E35 F37 Y38 A39 E40 H41 L42 M43 P44 T45 L46 Q47 L49 L50 D51 P52 E53 S54 A55 H56 R57 L58 A59 V60 F62 T63 L67 L68 P69 A95 A96 G97 F98 D99 K100 H101 E103 M111 G112 V134 F135 R136 P138 V143 Y147 N150 T285 S305 V333 Y356 T357 L359 T360 F361 W362 G363 P364 P365 V366 G368